Getting to Know your Neighbours

By Oxford Marketing Team Mar 19, 2018


Getting to know your neighbours isn’t always an easy task but it is definitely rewarding. A residential building is a community of people who live at the same address in the same neighbourhood - that’s a good start! If you see someone new to the building, make them feel welcome by introducing yourself and offering some helpful tips about living in the building such as where the laundry room is, or insight about the neighbourhood like who delivers the best pizza or Thai food. If you’re new to the building, don’t be shy, say hi! Break the ice with a smile or wave in the elevator, laundry room, and other common areas.

Here are some ways to enhance your living experience by getting to know your neighbours:

  1. Resident Events: Many properties hold events throughout the year including annual Resident BBQ's. Take advantage of these fun events and use them as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the other guests. What better way to get to know your neighbours than over food?

  2. Volunteer: Ask your Resident Manager if there are any ways to volunteer during an event or holiday or charitable initiative. We have plenty of communtiy events that you can be a part of!

  3. Go for a Swim1101 Bay and Brampton Towers both have indoor pools, while other properties have outdoor pools, including Forest Lane, Goldengate Apartments (GTA) LaCite and Mille Neuf and L’Aristocrate in Quebec.

  4. Workout: Most of Oxford’s residential buildings have a gym onsite that tenants have free access to – working out is a great way to meet new people and get fit! So head down to the gym and make it happen!

  5. Be considerate: Do your neighbours have small children? Think about their family and do your best to keep the noise down after hours. Is someone struggling with their parcels? Offer to hold the door or help. Every little bit helps to build bonds within your building!

  6. Spend more time outside: Take advantage of the outdoor amenities that your building has to offer. Whether it’s private green space on beautifully landscaped grounds, an outdoor pool, children’s playground, dog park, or sporting area, getting outside is a great way to get some fresh air AND meet people. Kids and pets are great conversation starters and common ties, too.