Laundry Room Etiquette

By Oxford Marketing Team Nov 2, 2018

A laundry room in an apartment building can be a great way to meet your neighbours! As these facilities are a shared space, it’s important to be considerate and follow these three simple laundry etiquette tips to ensure that the room remains accessible and comfortable for all residents. Please also abide by any posted rules and times.

Oxford Fact: Most of Oxford’s Residential laundry facilities use the Smart Card operating system, with convenient loading stations with by payment by credit or debit card. This eliminates the need for having coins on hand and makes it easier than ever to get your laundry done! At our 1101 Bay building, be sure to download the Mobile App to track your laundry loads on your mobile, and see when machines are available for use!

  1. Don’t overload the machines.

Before loading the machine, check the pockets of all clothing (especially those in children's garments). Inspecting the clothing saves the items in question and also protects the garments and the laundry equipment from damage.

Zip up all zippers. Fasten hooks. Tie drawstrings. Unroll cuffs. Turn pockets inside out. To lessen fading, turn dark clothing, such as jeans, inside out. Also, unbutton all buttons. The agitation of the wash cycle can cause buttons to tear buttonholes.

Avoid overloading the washing machine. Clothes should be distributed evenly and loosely inside the machine. For front-load washing machines, pile clothes up high, but don't cram them past the last row of holes at the front (the row closest to the door). Garments packed too tightly end up wrinkled and only partially clean. Putting too many items in the machine leaves less room for water, so water circulation decreases, which limits effective cleaning.

A too-heavy load can bend the washer's frame or damage the motor, which will eventually require repair and placed out of service.

Add Detergent Precisely.

Extra detergent creates extra suds during the wash cycle. Suds carry soils, odours, and bacteria higher up inside the tub. This leaves a displeasing residue that can affect the next load of clothes by fading colours, attracting more dirt, and making clothes look dingy. The residue buildup can lead to the growth of bacteria and odours, too. Too much soap also makes it difficult for the rinse cycle to be effective.

  1. Set a timer

If you plan to leave the laundry room after putting your clothes in the washer or dryer, set a timer on your smart phone or watch. Generally washing machines take about 30 minutes for a normal cycle, and dryers are about 45 minutes. If you come across wet clothes sitting a washer for an extended period of time, to avoid a potential conflict, contact 310-maxx to request an employee attend to the laundry room to remove the cloths. By not removing them personally, this step ensures a positive laundry room experience for everyone.

  1. Be considerate.

Be considerate, and keep the rooms clean! Ensure that you clean out the lint trap after using the dryer, ensure all items are removed from the machines (socks are often left behind!) and clean up any detergent or fabric softener spills.