Liven Up Your Apartment Space with Terrariums

By Oxford Marketing Team Jun 30, 2018


Indoor plants really liven up a space and work in any décor. They purify the air, boost creativity, reduce anxiety, and lower blood pressure.  These mini gardens are living ecosystems that offer a lot of impact, and require minimal maintenance. Succulents and cacti grow best in an open container and indirect sunlight. Moss and fern are two other great options.

You can purchase pre-made terrariums at specialty stores, local florists or nurseries, or you could try making your own.

Step 1. Choose an open glass container of some sort.
Step 2. Cover the bottom with an inch-thick layer of pebbles or rocks to create a false drainage system for the plant roots.
Step 3. Add a thin layer of activated charcoal keeps the water fresh, and prevent mold and bacteria from building up.
Step 4. Add a layer of potting soil. They also make a special mix if you choose to use cacti and succulents instead of moss and ferns.
Step 5. Place plants in the terrarium, starting with the largest plant first.

Terrariums are a great way to put your gardening skills to work, and are a beautiful inexpensive way to add a special touch to your living space.