Apartment Friendly Workouts

By Oxford Marketing Team Aug 16, 2018


Keeping physically active is key to a healthy lifestyle. Most of our Oxford Residential Properties have great fitness centres that are available for resident use included in their rental fees. For the days that you don’t feel like leaving the apartment but still want to work out, here are five exercises that don’t require any gym equipment or large spaces.

Slow pushups:  Lay down a towel or yoga mat and get into position. Lower yourself down for four counts, then up for two. If this motion is too difficult, modify by dropping your knees to the floor. Do 15 reps.

Squats: Make sure to keep your weight in your heels, not your toes. Try to keep your back flat, feet hip-width apart, big toes parallel, and gaze forward, not to the floor. Try 12-15 reps.

Lateral hops: With both feet together, jump over an imaginary line or an actual line on the floor if you’ve got one. Try to keep your feet as close together as possible and try to keep the jump as small as possible. Wear proper running shoes (or go barefoot), since socks may be slippery.

Standing bicep curls: Perform 10 curls per side. If you don’t have any dumbbells, try holding a can of soup. For an extra challenge, try balancing on one leg.

Slow sit-ups / Rollups: Start by lying down on the mat with your legs extended out and arms overhead. Inhale; then, as you peel yourself off the mat, exhale, rolling up one vertebrae at a time. Draw your belly button in and away from your spine. Reach for your toes, inhale to reset the movement, roll down. 5 reps.

The above workout is a great, easy way to get in some cardio, stretching, and toning in your own apartment! With any workout, know your physical limits and talk to your doctor first if you have any health issues or concerns!