Moving Tools all Renters Need

By Oxford Marketing Team Apr 25, 2018


The benefit of living in an Oxford Residence is access to 310.MAXX (310-6299) – Oxford’s 24/7 customer service hotline. The majority of maintenance requests and inquiries can be directed here for hassle-free and efficient maintenance.

Residents are responsible for select maintenance in their suite including changing light bulbs, fuses, installation of blinds/curtains, carpet cleaning, and maintaining a clean, healthy living environment. You can always check with your Resident Manager if you’re unsure about the building’s policies. Here are some helpful tools to keep in your suite for quick fixes:                 

The Essentials


Begin checking local grocery stores for free cardboard boxes. Boxes can also be purchased at stores like Home Depot, Staples, or storage companies. You can also put the word out on social media to see if your friends have any extra boxes (and secure any potential moving help from them while you’re at it). Create a list of all other tools and supplies you may need like packing tape, markers, tools for disassembling furniture, etc.

Tape Measure

This is handy for measuring furniture sizes, blinds or curtains, spacing out pictures, etc.

Allen wrench / Allen Key

If you’ve ever put together a piece of IKEA furniture you’ll know what this is. Furniture assembly, not just from IKEA, often requires this small but mighty tool. Many pieces come with the Allen wrench but it’s smart to purchase your own set of varying sizes to have on hand. This is helpful when tightening furniture after a move.

Utility Knife

If you’re guilty of using your key, fingernail, or a butter knife to open something – this is definitely the tool you need to have on hand.

Hammer, nails, picture hooks

Hanging photos and wall décor truly makes your living space feel like your own. Feel free to check with your Resident Manager about securing heavier items, like a television, or anchoring furniture to the walls for safety.

Pro Tip – did you know that iPhones have a built in level? Go to the compass app, calibrate, and swipe. Check the App Store or Google Play for other free level apps

Screwdriver with different heads

From opening up the battery pack on a new toy car or putting together a new shelf, a screwdriver with different size heads is a much-needed tool.

Building Tips

Set up a quick meeting or phone call with your Resident Manager to ensure you know what’s expected of you when leaving / moving in. This could include patching up any holes from pictures, painting walls back to neutral, etc.